In today’s article I would like to share some information with you about the importance of first aid. First aid is necessary for the implementation of actions to save the life of the victim. This includes securing the accident site, the execution of rescue operations and call the emergency services specialist. Premedical first aid is very important because of the time. Before the ambulance arrives could be already too late.

Accidents happen every day so we need a lot of lifeguards. Training in first aid are organized by IFACC organization. Completion of the training provided by international organizations ensures gaining knowledge and skills at the highest level.
It is therefore important to choose the training conducted according to international standards.


I won’t say that I was not worried at all about the place I have chosen to spend my senior days. I was terribly worried! I never visited the place before and I have never even been to Arizona! But I did the research, looked at all available pictures, talked to my friend and multiple people who knew something about Sedona and I got to say I was still surprised.

Sedona is a small city but it has so much charm! Instead of waking up to the sunrise over Atlantic I am now taking evening strolls to watch the amazing sunset over the cliffs. The place where I stay is fabulous, peaceful, quiet. I love the small restaurants with local foods or ice cream shops. If only I knew I’ll like it so much, I would be here much sooner!

The actual move was the most difficult thing to arrange. Not because I didn’t move before, but because it was long distance and I had to find a place for every single thing from my old house! First of all, the packing was crazy! I had my three daughters come and help and still I was left with so many things that had to be packed last minute that I panicked.

I called the moving company from Arizona,, that was helping me and asked them to change the date, but they found a better solution. They actually had people come and help me pack the rest of the staff for a small charge. I loved working with them because I felt taken care of.

In the end everything went much smoother than I expected and I really have to stress that it does matter what company you choose.

Initially I thought Florida was the right place for me. I wanted to do morning strolls by the ocean and enjoy the views of sunrise or I could see myself sipping coffee while having a chat with some strangers in small caffe by the beach.

In the end I chose Arizona because it was a place where my best friend moved. She made me realize that when growing old and grey I do not want to be surrounded by loud tourists. I wanted a peace and quiet, and clean, and it was the only way I wanted to spend this happy time.

I read a lot about Sedona before I made the decision and I could tell that it will be even better than Florida. The prices were better too and that put my mind at ease.